Belleville School of Ballet
COVID Protocol 2021-2022 
BSOB Covid Protocol 2021-2022
The safety of our instructors, dancers, and studio family is our top priority during these unusual and changing times.
1. Masks are to be worn by All parents and dancers entering any studio area.
2. Dancers ages 5 and up must wear masks during classes.
3. Entering the Studio: Enter thru BSOB’s glass door. One parent may escort the dancer to the drop-off area (the foyer by the bathrooms). Young dancers will be greeted by their teachers at this point, older dancers may go to their classroom. Parents will wait in their cars.
4. Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the studios.
4. Exiting the studio: Dancers will exit using the main stairs of the mall and go out the double glass doors of the mall. Younger dancers will be escorted by a teacher. Parents, please meet your dancer outside the double glass doors.
5. BSOB will keep you updated on any changes.

​​ Please continue to check the email you gave us at registration, our business Facebook, or home page of our
Thank you, for your support in helping us keep our BSOB family safe!