Belleville School of Ballet
Tiny Dancer: Ages 2 ½ to 3 - A class for the very young with a gentle approach to ballet technique using nursery rhymes, Disney princess music and age appropriate movement.

​Pre-Dance: Children from the age of three to five have a naturally active mind and flexible body. It is our aim to preserve and properly direct this in a child. It is an introduction to movement, coordination, rhythm, and music. This class bears the same relation to formal dance training that kindergarten beats to education. The result of this course makes it easier for a child to begin the more formal training that is required in ballet.
Classes consist of ballet and tap.

​Academic Ballet: Technical training is the basis of all ballet movement. Classes are carefully graded to insure proper development for each student. Taking more than one class per week is recommended after Level II. Extra classes help to progress and to build strength for pointe work evaluation.

Pointe Work: These classes are devoted exclusively to the technique of performing ballet movements on pointe. It is designed for students who have achieved technical and physical readiness. Evaluations
are done twice a year.

Tap Classes: Pre-dance through Adult may take tap. Children take tap along with their ballet classes to develop rhythm.

Jazz Classes: Students seven years old and older may take jazz. Students are encouraged to learn jazz and enjoy current
music trends and movements.

Lyrical: A combination of ballet and jazz technique, danced to more contemporary music. Permission is required from an instructor to take this class.

​Dance Team: Focuses on the technique and skills needed to be successful on your school dance team or pom-pom squad. This class concentrates on leaps, turns, conditioning and precision.

Teen & Adult Classes: Classes are taught to give the student an overall view of dance and to insure the best possible exercise. No less serious in its approach, yet especially designed for the student to stretch
and tone the body.